Weight Management

We all know the usual advice given for weight loss, right? Eat less and exercise more. But it isn’t always so simple and easy, and that’s what the professionals here at Family Weight & Wellness Clinic and Medi-Spa understand well. Weight loss and management expert Dr. Larry Richardson has dedicated his career to helping people just like you who struggle with excess weight. Having twice served as the president of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, Dr. Richardson has developed an advanced medical weight loss system that works for overweight children and adults.

Our weight loss experts, including Dr. Richardson, will guide you along every step of your customized weight loss plan to get you to a healthier weight and lifestyle. Our holistic approach to weight management addresses your body as a whole, not one specific area or just one part of the equation. We address your physical needs as well as your emotional needs for lasting results.

Why Our Weight Loss Program Works

Dr. Richardson and his staff’s approach is not a quick fix approach like most fad diets or weight loss pills. Our physician-supervised nonsurgical methods of weight loss and weight control are safe and effective, while producing sustainable results. Most importantly, you will learn how to permanently keep your weight off.

We take time to find out your specific needs and concerns as it relates to managing your weight, which will be addressed at your initial visit, along with a physical exam and testing. These tests are necessary to identify and address all factors that may be contributing to your excess weight. You will learn how to implement new healthy behaviors including dietary modifications, exercise, and stress management, so you can understand and learn how you can make healthier choices.

How to Successfully Keep Weight Off

You can expect your personalized weight loss program to address your specific medical issues, such as diabetes or hypertension, and how these conditions may be affecting your goals. We believe healthy weight management is achievable through long-term lifestyle changes in your diet and exercise.

A dietary plan and meal planning are a big part of achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals.We will advise you about vitamins and supplements, as well as the nutritional value of a healthy diet, helping you better understand how food affects your body. 

Developing an exercise routine that you can live with and actively engage in is another important piece of the plan to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. There will be monthly visits with our weight loss experts to continue supporting you and guiding you along this path, as well as to provide you with weight management resources so you continue learning.

At Family Weight and Wellness Clinic, we take pride in the confidential weight loss and management services we offer to help you reach a healthier, happier you. Call our Spring, Texas weight loss clinic at (281) 292-2300 today or request an appointment online now.