What to Expect

One of the most common responses we hear from patients after their initial visit is, “I wish I had started this program sooner!” No matter where you are in your weight loss journey, there is no time like the present to begin. Unfortunately, you may be letting the fear of the unknown keep you from beginning. Here is what you can expect at your first visit, as well as your ongoing, personalized weight management care with experienced physician Dr. Larry Richardson at Family Weight & Wellness Clinic and Medi-Spa in Spring, TX.

Baseline Health Checks

At your first visit, you will have a private consultation with a medical professional along with a screening physical exam. You will undergo important data collection and evaluation such as vital signs, height and weight measurements, a body composition analysis, and an EKG to check your heart for some basic information. Blood work such as a complete blood count (CBC), platelets, chemistry, lipid panel and thyroid panel will also be performed during this appointment.

The exam and tests are important to determine if there are any underlying medical conditions that could be causing or associated with your weight issue, which we find is most often the case. We will review your medical history and will use your testing as a baseline in evaluating any one for preexisting conditions and formulating your individualized treatment plan. 

Your Management Program

At Family Weight and Wellness Clinic, your weight loss and subsequent weight management program is custom designed for you and by you, with guidance from our weight loss experts. Our team of professionals is here to help in any way we can, including dietary counseling, exercise recommendations, and mental wellness tips. Dr. Richardson and his medical staff will regularly review your food diet and periodically perform health tests and screenings to monitor your progress, and review your overall progress with you.

So, come on in today and let us get you started toward a healthier lifestyle. Please don’t let fear or worries stop you from living your healthiest life. Call our weight loss experts in Spring, Texas today at (281) 292-2300 or request an appointment online.