Success Stories

We feel fortunate to have received reflections from our patients about how Family Weight & Wellness Clinic and Medi-Spa has helped them. Here are some of our favorites:

Weight Loss Patient Success Stories

“When I started this diet plan I was 6'2"  and 488 lbs, and was physically unable to do anything. I went fishing one day (my love and passion) and could not do anything but drive the boat. My brother and cousin got together and called Dr. Richardson's office, and had a packet for new patients before they get started sent to me at my family cafeteria before this fishing trip. After the trip I finally made my mind up to go give this diet plan a try. I started September 2006 and have not looked back since. As of today I have lost 226 lbs. I am 11 lbs away from my goal weight of 250 lbs. If you do what the doctor says - it will work. I am a part owner of a family cafeteria, down home cooking, homemade rolls, biscuits…homemade everything. So for someone with everything going against me, I have prevailed at last. It has taken 2 1/2 years of changing the way I eat - when I eat, and how I eat. I know now when I get off this plan I am going to have to work harder afterward to keep off what took years to lose. I have more energy now, I am mentally stronger, and I owe this to Dr. Richardson and his staff. Now I have a new lease on life and hope and pray I can do this after this is over.” – Alex from Hardin, TX. Weight Loss – 226 lbs

“I didn’t realize how much junk I was putting into my body. Dr. Richardson and his program taught me how to eat correctly. Weight loss is simple when you learn how many calories and fat grams you should eat every day. Fad diets work for a while, but you can't eat like they require forever. Who wants to go through life not eating bread? I lost over 120 pounds and because of Dr. Richardson's guidance I know I can keep them off.” Jeff from Jefferson, TX. Weight Loss – 120 lbs

 “I began my journey with Dr. Richardson at the end of October 2004. Today September 1st, I have lost 60 pounds but gained TONS...of energy and self-confidence with the help of the wonderful staff at DWCC as well as my own will power. The key is remembering to not get discouraged if the weight comes off slower than you would like because this helps to keep it off. The program along with proper diet and exercise offers true success. I am very pleased and only have 15 pounds to go!” – Bridgette from Tyler, TX. Weight Loss – 60 lbs

“I have been on the diet for over 5 months and lost about 60 pounds. The plan has worked well for me and is exactly as it was described by the person that recommended it to me. I have lost 12 inches in my waist and my shirt collar went from 22 inches to 19 inches. To say I am pleased with the results would be an understatement. I recommend this process to anyone in need of weight loss. Especially those who have failed in the past. This was my last option prior to surgery. Thanks to Dr. Richardson, it worked.” – David from Fort Bend, TX. Weight Loss – 60 lbs

“I have been going to Dr. Richardson for 4 months and have lost a total of 49 lbs. The medication he placed me on suppressed my appetite and gave me the energy to burn calories. I not only feel healthier but I see myself healthier now. I would definitely recommend this program for anyone trying to lose weight, you will start to see the difference in as little as 3 months. If you stick with the plan, the medication helps you, but you also have to be willing to help yourself.” – Juan from Gonzales, TX. Weight Loss – 49 lbs

"I had tried all kinds of diets and nothing ever seemed to help, then in Feb, 2003 I went to Dr. Richardson and it has been wonderful. The first 3 months - 45 lbs and everyone noticed how the pounds just seemed to melt away. I felt better about myself and I felt better in general. I eat what I want as long as I stay in my 1200 calorie line. I could not have gone this far without Dr. Richardson. I have 70 lbs to go for my goal and I know I will make it. I have never felt better and have more energy to go do things with my family. I have 3 grown children and 6 grandkids."Vicky from Tyler, TX, Weight Loss – 45 lbs