Over 30 Years of Experience in Medical Weight Loss and Weight Management

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Welcome to Doctor’s Weight Control Center!

Established by our Medical Director, Dr. Larry A. Richardson, Doctor’s Weight Control Center specializes in the practice of bariatrics- the science of medical weight control and associated conditions. We provide the most innovative dietary treatment and maintenance programs available. With our knowledge and almost 30 years of medical weight management experience, combined with extensive medical testing, our medical team will develop guided changes in nutrition, eating behaviors, and exercise. Together they will change the way you think about and deal with food. Join the 35,000+ people we have helped to lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle by starting your program today!


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Medical Weight Loss

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Our weight loss plans are structured utilizing each patient’s current health condition, objectives, and past dieting history. We examine each patient’s unique factors and formulate a specific plan to meet their needs and goals.


Success Stories

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Since 1988, our personalized medical weight loss plans have been proven successful- changing over 35,000 patient's lives! Find out from our current and past patients how Doctor’s Weight Control Center changed their lives.


Why Our Program Works

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Dr. Richardson specializes in personalized medical weight loss and lifestyle changes. We carefully consider your situation, examine your weight loss history, past diets, and current lifestyle in order to determine a weight loss plan for you.


Skin Rejuvenation

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Get the beautiful, flawless, smooth skin you’ve always dreamed of with the help of Doctor’s Weight Control Center! We offer facials, peels and no-surgery facelifts that will have you glowing with a fresh and rejuvenated look in no time.


Body Contouring

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Doctor’s Weight Control Center has new innovative technologies to assist you in slimming down those individual trouble areas! Our new technologies include the ground-breaking Verjú, VelaShape and Vibration Plate machines!


Diet Plans


When faced with obesity, it is important to have a plan to get results as quickly as possible. At Doctor’s Weight Control Center, we will help construct the proper diet plan according to your current lifestyle so you can achieve optimal health for years to come.